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Exploring the Process of Making Leather Goods

Mars Leather Company was started by architect and designer Timothy Ung to share his passion and hobby of making leather goods with the world. At Mars Leather Company, we are continually exploring the craft of leather working, which makes all of our products a limited collection.

Each product is handmade from high quality full grain and top grain leather sourced and tanned in USA. Every item is hand stitched, which provides a stronger bond than sewing machines. New products are handmade in batches and sold after they're all completed. Once an item is sold out, it will not be available until we choose to make more. This process allows us to continue exploring new designs for our leather goods.

We value design, quality, and the never ending exploration of the leather frontier.



Watch Straps

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Passport Case

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Mars Leather Company uses high quality full grain or top grain leather for all of our leather products. Full grain leather is the top layer of the animal hide and has all of the grain. This means that some of our products will have blemishes, scars, and brands from the animal. Our top grain leather is a buffed and snuffed hide to smooth the grain of the leather and to remove minor imperfections from the surface.


Minimal Wallet


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Meet the Maker

At Mars Leather Company, all leather wallets are handmade by Timothy Ung who is a licensed architect in New York. He has always been fascinated by handmade leather goods and turned it into a hobby. As his passion for leather working grew, his home began to fill with the leather items that he was making. In 2018, Tim decided to start an online shop to share these bespoke leather goods.